Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Annual BCI Game Jam!
We are so excited to be able to announce the winners of this years event!

In October 2021, we received 12 submissions from over 45 developers!

The BCI Game Jams are motivated by the hundreds of children with severe physical disabilties who, until recently, may never have been able to play a video game before. As BCI technology grows and matures it will continue to enhance the lives of children (and adults) who have lost significant motor functions. Our game jams aim to push the available experiences offered by BCI to new levels for these individuals.
We cannot wait to see the wide variety of gaming experiences you will create!

Our 2021 Official Winners!

Overall Winner (1st Place)
MusaeLabs Games
First Runner-up (2nd Place)
Second Runner-up (3rd Place)
Kid's Favorite
Maze Madness
BCI Games' Favorite
Developer's Choice
MusaeLabs Games
Best Brains@Play Integration
Best 4 Player Game
Best Single/Two-button Game
Best P300-enabled Game
Gravy Train
Best SSVEP-enabled Game
MusaeLabs Games

Our 2019 winners...

People's Choice
Sumo Bootle
Best BCI Integration
Planet Defender
Most Unique Concept
Kolor Kaze

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And our partners!

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